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Frequently Asked Questions


Why are your prices so low compared to other videography companies?
Rusyniak Designs goes the extra mile to deliver a superior wedding video at reasonable prices. To do this we don't reduce the quality of your video of cut corners in other areas of the production process, we just eliminate the high price mark-up of other higher priced videographers. Rusyniak Designs isn't in the business of wedding videography just to make a living. Wedding video is something we love to do. By keeping things simple we feel we are better able to maintain a closer relationship with our clients and offer them the best value in wedding videography.

How do we know what to look for in a videographer?
It is important to consider price, and the recommendations of others when selecting a videographer, but there are other items that are often overlooked when it comes to selecting a videographer. Be sure to ask for samples of completed work and a written contract. Another item that will make your special day more enjoyable is to select a videographer that you like, someone who you feel comfortable with filming your event.

I’m having a wedding, birthday party, anniversary in another state, will Rusyniak Designs travel to the event?
Rusyniak Designs will travel to your event or destination wedding. Because we offer wedding videography at reasonable prices, many clients often find that we are an affordable option when they want to take along a trusted videographer for an event that can't afford to be missed. In situations where overnight travel is required, the client typically is responsible for the additional costs.

What if there is a problem with the camera or the sound on a film shoot?
Although Rusyniak Designs has never run into an issue with lost sound or a inoperable camera, we feel it is critical that we show up to your event prepared. We always carry a second backup camera to ensure that none of your special day is missed.

Will I have any input on the final product?
Although Rusyniak Designs has many years of experience editing and filming events, we understand that your event is very special to you and it is your experience that we will be capturing on film. We make the extra effort to meet with you prior to your special day to discuss your special needs and desires.

Why don’t your sample clips play on my computer?
In order to play the sample clips, you will need to get the free QuickTime download (click here).  Although you can view the clips with a dial-up connection it is recommended that you have at least a DSL connection to view the sample clips. If you are still having issues getting the demo clips to play on your computer, please contact us, we'll gladly mail you a demo DVD to watch in the comfort of your home. We can also meet with you in person to view completed wedding videos and discuss the details of your special day.

Can we get chapter titles on our DVD’s like the ones that you rent?
Yes. Rusyniak Designs includes DVD chapters, which will enable you to skip through the DVD easily from one section to the next while you view your video. In addition to chapters, each DVD that Rusyniak Designs creates has a unique flare with full motion menus featuring pictures, graphics, video and sound.

If I want a VHS copy, can I still get one?
We still will make VHS copies upon request but there will usually be a surcharge attached unless otherwise

How long will it take Rusyniak Designs to complete my project?
At Rusyniak Designs we understand that you want to view your completed project as soon as possible. We spend numerous hours editing each project to ensure that your special day/event is not just professionally captured, but that the story of the day is told through your wedding video. Your project may take up to eight weeks to complete depending on the complexity of the edit and other time requirements involved. It is always a good idea to discuss this issue at the start of your project to get a date when you can expect to have your finished video in hand.

Does Rusyniak Designs offer services not listed on the website?
Yes.  If you have any additional video needs, Rusyniak Designs will more than likely be able to accomplish them for you.  If for some reason we are not able to meet the requirements or needs of your project, we will refer you to someone who might be able to.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please e-mail us at jed@rusyniak.com

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